I-ride pitting trade customers against each other over a tough virtual 1km course. Best time scoops the prize

Win A Bkool Virtual Reality Trainer At Core Bike

I-ride is to pit its trade customers against one another at Core Bike in a Bkool trainer and subscription giveaway.

If you’ve registered for core, visit the i-ride rooms in Melbourne, S26 and S27 to enter. The competition is based on a challenging 1km route, with the best time recorded at the show from any trade customer of i-ride.co.uk scooping the trainer and a free subscription to the Bkool Gold online package, worth a total of £496.

i-ride will also offer a competitive stock-in package on the Bkool product at Core, along with many other offers all available to download from the news section of www.i-ride.co.uk when using your B2B account.

The fully built ‘BCycling’ trainer package also includes front wheel raiser block, Ant+ cadence sensor, QR Skewer and ANT+ USB dongle for £399.99 at retail price. The package also includes two months Gold subscription to the website, normally 10 euros, and allows access to the premium features such as multiplayer and using the more than 100+ streaming video routes.

The free subscription level provides many of the features including the use of the trainer software, smartphone app, interval session designer and online training diary (up to five sessions). There is also a midway Silver level priced at six euros and all monthly subscriptions can be reduced to the Free option with just one month notice, so there is no annual commitment.

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