Why Sprindex is a ‘fantastic upgrade’ for any full-suspension bike

2pure launched Sprindex in the UK at COREbike, but is now revisiting the brand and outlining why it believes it is “one of the most cost-effective and significant upgrades you can make to your bike”…

Launched in the UK at COREbike, Sprindex is a fantastic upgrade for any full-suspension bike.

Unfortunately, not long after, the country was plunged into lockdown and we all know what happened next. With trails open and cyclists able to enjoy the summer weather, we thought it was time to revisit Sprindex and run you through why we believe it to be one of the most cost-effective and significant upgrades you can make to your bike and why it’s a no brainer for riders, dealers, suspension centres and trail centres.

Most agree coil shocks outperform air-shocks for the ultimate suspension performance and comfort. The reason there are more air shocks on the market is instant and easy user adjustment alongside lower weight. Sprindex smashes this assumption. With Sprindex, you can adjust the spring rate to match your needs with one spring and no tools, even midway through a ride.

Sprindex gives any rider their optimum spring rate, for whichever trail they choose and whatever bike they ride! For everyone that likes to tinker with their setup this product allows you to do that easily and extract every ounce of performance out of your bike.

Sprindex is available for virtually every major bike brand and shock option and even comes with adaptors in the box so nothing more is needed to get you up and running.  So, whether you are looking to upgrade from an air shock or you are just wanting more adjustability than you currently have with a standard coil spring, there is very little weight penalty and you only need the one spring.

Sprindex is also more cost-effective! SRP for a Sprindex is £125 against a typical SRP £150, why would you not want a Sprindex?

To become a stockist contact 2pure at trade@2pure.co.uk or 01314494147.

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