Interested in the growing organisation and you're going to Taipei? Then head to the meeting on March 22nd

WFSGI to hold open meeting at Taipei Cycle Show

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and its growing bicycle industry membership are inviting interested parties to come along to a meeting at Taipei Cycle Show later this month.

Since February 2012, 16 new members have joined the World Federation, bringing the total to over 200 direct members. In the last two years the bicycle industry has been playing a bigger role in the WFSGI with more brands and manufacturers like Mavic, Campagnolo and Schwalbe joining recently.

The WFSGI and its bicycle committee’s open meeting (for the press and public) will take place at 2pm on Friday March 22nd at Taipei Cycle Show, Room No. 501.

The WFSGI and its bicycle members aim to promote and support the bicycle industry worldwide and has, it said, “become a powerful group to act with a strong voice towards the UCI and the International Olympic Committee”.

There are now four different bicycle working groups (Steering, Technical, Wheel and Bicycle CSR Committee) which discuss the specific needs for the industry.

Recently the WFSGI has been working on further clarifications from and with the UCI regarding new homologation processes and technical regulations from the UCI, including those around wheel safety requirement. More here.

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