World Federation of Sporting Goods Industries to host a corporate social responsibility seminar and discuss homologation.

WFSGI to have presence at Eurobike

The WFSGI Bicycle Technical Committee will meet at Eurobike on 30th August. The 27 bicycle brands member of the Federation will discuss the UCI’s homologation scheme and other topics important for the future of the bicycle industry.

The WFSGI is also organising a seminar on CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility. This is to be staged at 17.30 on 31st August and is open to all but requires registration via 19th of August:

There will be talks by Jeroen Snijders-Blok, COO of the Accell Group, who sits on the executive board of WFSGI; Hans van Vliet, corporate communications officer for Shimano Europe; and Peter Burrows of Fair Factories Clearinghouse.

s-Blok said: “The WFSGI can create synergies on Corporate Responsibility within the global bicycle industry by combining the assessment, follow-up and monitoring of our suppliers to dedicated professionals working for an independent company in this field. This is a unique opportunity to join forces on CSR.”

The independent company is Fair Factories Clearinghouse, a non-profit US company that offers computer-based ethical business audits.

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