Islington store mechanic holds door closed as youths "smashed glass"

Mosquito Bikes keeps violent looters at bay during riots

BikeBiz has this morning spoken to Mosquito Bikes, the staff of which defended the Islington-based business on Monday at around 5:30pm.

Greg Conti told BikeBiz: "Late in the afternoon groups of yobs had assembled on Islington Green and we had noticed they were scoping us out. Before long, ten or so balaclava-clad youths had emerged from a side alley and tried to enter the shop.”

At this point Greg held the door almost closed to prevent the thugs gaining access. The were battering the door, which has two toughened glass panels, with a metal object.

"They struck the glass which cracked, but didn’t give way. Eventually they realised they weren’t getting in and they ran off.”

Greg reports that at nearby London Fields Cycles in Hackney, who had closed up earlier on Monday, one of a threatening crowd had said ‘Bikes are top of our list, innit,’ .

Two staff there succeeded in dissuading them from attacking the shop.

Greg observed “If they had have gained entry they would have made a real mess, causing more damage than theft as our bikes are all locked and relatively secure. Its interesting that no other shops on Essex Road were targeted in the way that Mosquito was. The police arrived on the scene very quickly here."

If your store has been a victim of looting or violence and you’d like to share your story, please email BikeBiz.

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