Wahoo expands range of indoor smart trainers

Wahoo Fitness has unveiled an update to its KICKR smart trainer, along with a completely new trainer, KICKR CORE, and a specially-designed cooling-fan targeted at indoor-cycling called the KICKR HEADWIND.

The KICKR smart trainer has been redesigned to drastically reduce the noise and pitch levels to render it near-silent. The product is intended for those living in shared accommodation or whom, for whatever reason, may need to train during the night. Alongside this acoustic reduction, the new KICKR includes a heavier flywheel than previous versions that aims to deliver a more realistic riding experience.

Its new sister model, KICKR CORE, is designed to offer the same high-end experience as the flagship model in a more compact and affordable trainer.

CEO and founder Chip Hawkins states that both products are built to offer “the most realistic ride feel [they have] ever created, while still maintaining compatibility with a wide range of gravel, cyclocross, mountain, and road bikes ensuring that all athletes will be able to take advantage of our newest KICKR lineup.”

To complement the immersive design of these smart trainers, KICKR has added the HEADWIND which, Hawkins clarifies, is built to change “the amount of wind you feel as you ride harder” to simulate an outdoor experience.

KICKR is available now at RRP £999.99; KICKR CORE and HEADWIND will both be available later this summer at RRP £699.99 and £199 respectively. 

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