Bosch eBike Systems announces market launch of ABS

In an announcement on Saturday, Bosch eBike Systems has revealed the planned market launch of its anti-lock braking system (ABS) for selected e-bike models in autumn 2018.

The company is presenting this advancement as a substantial step in improving road safety for pedelec users. Bosch claims that the ABS can bring the pedelec to a controlled stop by reacting more quickly than any rider to a potential front-wheel lock when experiencing slippery road conditions, as well as on loose or wet ground. The ABS also targets rear wheel lift in order to reduce the likelihood of an e-bike rider flying over the handlebar.

Bosch brought the world’s first production-ready ABS for cars into the market 40 years ago as an extra feature to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, having patented the technology in 1936. Since its inception, the ABS has become a standard feature of many aeroplanes, cars, and motorbikes.

CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, Claus Feischer, is “convinced that ABS will become standard equipment on high-end pedelecs” and that “in a few years, most city and trekking e-bikes will be equipped with ABS”.

The company has also publicized the expansion of its range of chargers, in reaction to market research showing that consumers value charging speed. The newly-announced Fast Charger takes just over an hour to charge a PowerPack 500 or a PowerTube 500 halfway, and three hours to charge them fully. It will be available to specialist retailers as of autumn 2018.

Bosch has also launched of a new on-board computer for its 2019 e-bike range – Kiox– dedicated to sports usage, featuring a colour-display, Bluetooth connection and heart-rate monitor.

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