Velotech Cycling to re-open Stoke-on-Trent training workshops

Velotech Cycling will be re-opening the main training workshops in Stoke-on-Trent from 20th April, with COVID-19 control measures in place to protect students and staff.

All students have their ‘own’ complete complement of tools which are wiped down three times daily, benches and flat surfaces likewise, smaller candidate numbers and the layout of the workspace are optimised to allow better social distancing.

As it did in the summer, Velotech Cycling is to run a pilot course prior to the re-opening, to check that the practicalities of working in the way described and the changes that it has made since the summer can all be accommodated without taking away from the face-to-face training experience. “Our joining instructions, emailed to each candidate, cover our COVID-19 protocols and we would be obliged if candidates could review and work with us, to maintain the processes referred to in the notes.”

Candidates who had courses booked for January, February or March delivery will be accommodated first, with those who had April bookings being contacted with options of dates a little later in the spring/summer.

Campagnolo Pro-Shop, Campagnolo Level 3 and other brand or high-level skill-specific courses will be interspersed with the Velotech Foundation through to professional modules in order to service all of the various client groups that Velotech works with as fairly as it can. The same applies to on-site courses and where on-site training was paid for ahead of lockdown, these courses have priority.

Individual Velotech Training Workshops around the UK will have their own constraints on when they can re-open and candidate numbers (NI, Wales and Scotland all have their own rules) so candidates with bookings at any of Velotech’s partners should check directly with the partner organisation.

Read the March issue of BikeBiz below:

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