Using an e-bike regularly “could help fight climate change”

An infographic has been created to look at total greenhouse gas emissions produced by standard modes of transport versus e-bikes, utilising data from the Department for Transport.

Commissioned by Cycle Republic, it highlights that if sustainably produced electricity is used for the manufacturing of e-bikes, they will emit “almost zero CO2 and produce very little noise whilst on the road”.

Peter Kimberley, managing director of Cycle Republic, said: “As a business, we are passionate about the environment and enabling our customers to enjoy travelling by two wheels. By highlighting the lifestyle benefits of e-bikes, we hope to inspire and encourage more people to choose to travel by two wheels while also having a positive impact on the environment.”

By presenting the benefits of e-bikes visually, the piece aims to encourage individuals and businesses to consider them as a way to support the environment and as an alternative way to get fit. One London butcher noticed a reduction in CO2 emissions by swapping his van for an e-bike on a single like-for-like journey.

According to the sustainability statement from the Accell Annual Report, if you travelled approximately 40 miles every day for a year – a total distance of just under 15,000 miles – doing it with:
– A single-occupancy car would emit over 7,000kg of CO2
– A moped, a bus or a three-person car-pool would emit approximately 2,500kg of CO2 per passenger
– An e-bike would emit less than 300kg of CO2

Colin Williams, owner of FLi Distribution, added: “People need to be encouraged to see the benefits of using their e-bike for lots of different types of trips, not just leisure. Used in place of cars, e-bikes can help to reduce congestion and pollution and cancel out the environmental impact of their production.”

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