Whistler Adventure School, Cytech and Specialized Canada to formalise partnership

Whistler Adventure School has announced the enhancement of its bicycle mechanic course to incorporate the Cytech certification, offered through Specialized Bicycle Components Canada.

Cytech technical is a set of courses which encompass the basics of cycle mechanics right through to dealing with the most advanced and high-tech components and parts.

Topics addressed in Cytech technical one and Technical two courses include workshop practices, torque, lubrication, tyres and tubes, manufacturing standards, pre-delivery inspection, health and safety, consumer legislation, frame preparation and alignment, headsets, derailleur gear systems, hubs, rim brake systems (cable operated), introduction to disc brakes and hydraulic bleeding, internal hub gears, wheel truing and spoke replacement, and wheel building.

Successful candidates will receive Cytech technical one and two qualifications and a course certificate from the school in the condensed 60-hour course.

“Attaining certification as a Cytech trained mechanic opens up doors to a career as a bicycle mechanic, improves your employability with top-end service departments, and provides a well-rounded knowledge base for furthering yourself in the bicycle industry,” said Chris Clark, bicycle mechanic instructor, Whistler Adventure School.

“My students love the course and have taken their certification back home to bike shops in Europe, Argentina, Australia and beyond. Students are often offered jobs prior to finishing the course, with local shops keen to scoop up the best talent the moment they graduate.”

Andrew McGregor, SBCU programme lead, Specialized Canada, added: “I couldn’t be happier having Chris Clark and the rest of the Whistler Adventure School team joining us in hosting Cytech classes in Canada. Whistler is a world-class destination for cycling and having a Cytech accredited training centre on location will help western Canadian and US-based retailers get their current and potential staff trained and Cytech certified.

“I have had the chance to work with Chris throughout this process and I can honestly say that he will provide you and your mechanic with skillful knowledge which will set them up for success in the industry.”

The bike mechanic course can be taken as an individual course or as part of a one year Retail Manufacturing Manager Programme. The bike mechanic course is offered at Whistler Adventure School in Function Junction, Whistler, B.C. in April and June.



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