Cyclismas, the US cycling parody site, will be based out of Girona and will have an interview show from Paul Kimmage.

US cycling satire site moves to Europe

Cycling satire and commentary website Cyclismas is to move from America to Girona, Spain, one of the hotbeds of European pro cycling. Girona is home to many pro cyclists and was made popular by Lance Armstrong.

The Cyclismas website has run many satirical stories about pro cycling that have been passed around on social and believed to be genuine. The site also has the CCNN-TV video show.

The move to Girona is "in order to facilitate additional growth and exposure for the website and the additional properties under development at the organisation," said operations director Aaron Brown. 

“We’re excited about the prospect of being based in an area steeped in cycling tradition. It affords us opportunities to provide quality commentary."

Brown added that the website will be able to offer more Euro-centric advertising and promotional coverage:

“Our geographical position gives us the ability to offer specialised marketing propositions for our brand partners."

CCNN-TV is Jon Stewart-style 40 minute video podcast news show placed on and iTunes, mixing serious cycling news with satire and parody, including interviews and contributions from figures in the sport.

Last year Cyclismas was the home for the ‘Paul Kimmage defense fund’ which raised $92,757 to help Irish cycling journalist Paul Kimmage defend himself against a lawsuit launched by the UCI. Cyclismas has long been highly critical of the UCI.

Kimmage has agreed to do ‘The Big Interview with Paul Kimmage’ for broadcast on Cyclismas and on Kimmage’s own website. A new Cyclisma website will be unveiled in March, with the first Kimmage show to be broadcast shortly afterwards.

Brown said: “Paul’s ability to interview one-on-one is unmatched in cycling and he provides an incredible platform for cycling fans to discover more about their favourite stars in the sport. We’ll be creating two hours of high quality content each month."

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