US climate-change publisher expands catalogue with planet-friendly cycling titles

US climate-change specialist Island Press is expanding its catalogue of cycle-specific titles. The Washington-D.C.-based publisher recently published Mikael Colville-Andersen’s Copenhagenize and, in August, it will release Building the Cycling City by Canadians Melissa and Chris Bruntlett.

Two of the latest books by BikeBiz editor-at-large Carlton Reid – Bike Boom and Roads Were Not Built For Cars – were published by Island Press, and the imprint also publishes the important Urban Bikeway Design Guide by the National Association of City Transportation Officials, or NACTO.

"Designing for the bicycle is foundational in working toward sustainable, livable, safe, low-carbon cities," said Heather Boyer, executive editor at Island Press

"True bicycle cities offer freedom – the freedom to travel swiftly through a city by a mode other than the automobile. But there is pushback and misunderstanding about what the bicycle brings, which is why we continue to pursue publications in this critical area."

More bicycle books are in the pipeline, and Boyer added:

"We hope all of our bike books will inspire readers to continue striving for true cycling cities."

Island Press is a supporter of the US National Bike Month – which is being staged now – and, via blog postings, is currently promoting US cycling cities sharing what these cities are doing right with regard to cycling. For US residents, the publisher is also organizing a prize sweepstakes with the chance to win a trip to Washington, D.C.

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