Temple Cycles explains production process in video series

Temple Cycles has created a new series of videos dedicated to the production of its bikes.

Seven ‘episodes’ detail the whole process from the creation of Reynolds steel tubing, through to the full bike build. It also includes finishing and the creation of Fibrax cables in Wrexham.

We caught up with founder and designer Matt Mears to find out more: 

Why did you choose to make the series?

We chose to make the series because we’re proud of what we’re doing here in the UK and the other businesses which we work with. We’ve built this business from the ground up, developing relationships, building our own team and producing better and better bikes. It’s important for us to inform and educate the customer about what goes into making our bikes, highlighting the attention to detail and overall quality of our products. Our customer base wants to see content like this, and fortunately, we have a talented team who can work on side projects like this.

Do you think that craftspeople are underappreciated for their talents in the cycling industry?

In the mainstream market, yes. No doubt, plenty of craft and skill goes into most decent bikes on the market, but it isn’t talked about. As far as big bike shops and big bike brands go, the bicycle is a commodity, to be bought and sold, marked up or marked down and forgotten about once it’s out the door and in the customer’s hands. Of course, there is a strong scene for hand built bikes with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, however, this is still very inaccessible to most of the riding population and only exposed through the more niche media channels. We’re bringing a piece of quality design and craftsmanship to a broader market.

What products are you highlighting and why?

The series focuses on our bicycles, although we make a lot of our accessories here in the UK too. We wanted to focus on our bicycles as there are many processes involved, which worked nicely to make a series about. We also think that each episode has an interesting story and plenty of insight into the people behind it all. We design and make bikes that are built to last, so feel that we had a good opportunity to highlight this with a documentary-style video series.

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