Silca Hot Wax

US accessories brand Silca launches £220 performance chain wax and £180 pump

US-based cycling accessory brand Silca has launched a selection of new products for the winter, including a new high-performance chain wax which retails at £220.

Distributed in the UK by Saddleback, Silca has just dropped three new products – the Hot Wax X, the Terra high-volume pump, and an updated Eolo Co2 regulator. 

Hot Wax X

The headline launch from Silca is the Hot Wax X, which Silca says runs around 0.5 watts faster than the Silca Secret Chain Blend, and also extends the intervals between lubrications by as much as 800km. 

Silca said this new wax uses a Graphene-based substance, Nanene, to offer up to 12 watts of power saving compared to other waxes, which is clean to the touch, and gives a chain up to 18,600 miles (30,000km) of chain life. 

Silca president Josh Poertner, said: “From our first test with Nanene, we knew that real Graphene was indeed, the future.

“Everything we could throw at it showed it excelling over our existing  technologies, and that says a lot when our Secret Chain Blend Hot Wax is already considered to be the fastest and lowest wearing lubricant in the world as independently tested by  numerous third-party laboratories including ZeroFrictionCycling and Tour Magazin Germany.”  

But the Hot Wax will set customers back a pretty penny, retailing for £220 for 300g in the UK. 

Terra Pump

Terra pump

Silca has also announced an update for its classic Terra pump, which was first introduced in 1988.

This high-volume, low-pressure pump for larger volume tyres offers super-precise inflation using a non-linear gauge scale, allowing for 0.5psi precision at low pressure and 1psi at high pressure (120psi). 

A unique design allows the gauge to achieve 120 psi overall capability; yet 50% of the gauge face contains 0-30psi.

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Terra also features a lightweight aluminium base, a heavy duty gauge, ash wood handle, and a locking aluminium reversible chuck with bleed button, for Schrader or Presta. 

The Terra pump retails for £180 in the UK. 

Eolo 4 Co2 regulator 

Silca’s new Co2 regulator

Now into its fourth iteration, the new EOLO 4 CO2 Regulator packs some interesting tech into a tiny T-shaped package. 

The new design now comes in two flavours: Green/Grey and Red/Black, but this is no mere veneer change as there is a new mechanism for controlling the gas flow and a new valve fixing, making it easier to control inflation and store. RRP: £32. 

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