Bike from China. Psychic from Reading-via-Israel. Helmet from Co. Durham. Press release from France. Story uploaded during editor's ski holiday in Vermont, USA. Uri Geller's press agency, based in Normandy, has forwarded the Uribike press release. Read this in conjunction with the story posted last week...

Uribike press release arrives, no idea about threatened writ


Bend it-Bag it…..Uri Geller’s new folding bicycle

Quality and Safety are the bywords of the ‘Bend It-Bag It’ folding bicycle recently launched by celebrity mind development guru Uri Geller who, as a keen cyclist himself, decided to develop & create the Uri Geller bike.

Uri’s original love of cycling first emerged whilst refining his world renowned mind development techniques, as it allowed him to focus in a relaxed, informal way whilst enjoying his cycling. Uri however, a keen amateur athlete who always kept himself in trim, was also quick to notice the general health benefits of cycling. With the medical profession and Uri Geller in full agreement that cycling is good for you, he became an important figure in the bike’s development programme. The traditionally cautious Uri Geller was so impressed with the

finish of his bike that he now rides one himself. In fact, he is keen to stress that this top quality machine with its uncompromising specification, is so good, that it carries his signature and boasts a 10-year conditional warranty. Uri Geller had this to say. "Although there are many exercise cycles available, they do not offer the mind stimulation of open road cycling. It is a completely different and more fulfiling experience with much of the fun and benefit derived from the constantly changing scenery and topography, the fresh air and the noises. This new bicycle allows everybody, from absolute beginners to committed amateurs like myself to improve their general health and well being in a unique way for my machine can be used by commuters, weekend only riders, health enthusiasts, etc., in fact anybody who wishes to enjoy the pursuit at any level of commitment they choose. Cycling to the station or shops, enjoying a sedate evening spin or pushing hard across the hills, all are beneficial by working the heart, exercising the muscles and the mind, and by doing so, improving general fitness." At just 14Kg total weight, Uri Geller’s new concept folding bike is light and compact enough to be carried on a lady’s shoulder yet opens up in seconds to become a bicycle large enough to carry a burly 6 foot man! It is manufactured from Hi-Ten steel and boasts Kevlar anti-pierce tyres as well as an innovative Gel saddle which moulds itself to the rider’s seat profile for maximum comfort. With the bike opened up, seat and handlebar height are adjustable using quick-release clips. Uri’s involvement in the development programme, especially on safety matters, led him to insist that the package include a ‘Reevu’ helmet which incorporates a periscope-type rear view mirror. Being a top quality on-road machine, Uri Geller’s bike has mud guards, 6-speed twist grip Derailleur gears, high-efficiency calliper brakes, alloy wheels, a compass bell and a stand. The package is completed by a carry bag and pouch which enable the bike to be carried free as hand luggage on public transport! It is also generally acknowledged that journeys of two or three miles especially can save significant sums on public transport ticket costs, taxi fares and save valuable time by allowing riders to beat traffic congestion. This huge degree of flexibility is already bringing Uri’s machine considerable attention from a broad range of commuter, hobby and

leisure interest groups. Uri Geller’s ‘Bend It-Bag It’ bicycle can be purchased either direct from Uri’s website at or from major retailers for just £299.95 including all items specified and the Reevu helmet.

You can visit Uri Geller’s website at

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