Tour de Zwift returns for 2022 with eight stages for cycling and running

Zwift’s biggest mass-participation tour, the Tour de Zwift, is returning for 2022.

The event is back this year with eight stages for both cycling and running, starting on 10th January. Warm-up rides and runs began on 3rd January.

The Tour de Zwift is an inclusive stage event that allows Zwifters of all abilities to explore eight of Zwift’s worlds, discover different routes and join a variety of events. This year, the Tour de Zwift will be categorised into weekday and weekend rides.

Weekday rides are shorter and more efficient, said Zwift, making it easier to find a time with work and school schedules and close to home in cities and residential routes. Weekend rides are longer and offer the opportunity to explore the natural perimeters of Zwift that feature mountains, dirt roads and rolling hills.

Each stage is themed based on the route, starting with ‘Flat Is Fast’ running from 10th-13th January. As with previous editions, Zwifters will be able to choose from three distance-based categories on the bike (The Shorter Ride, The Standard Ride, or the Longer Ride) for each stage. Similarly, there will be two distance-based categories for running.

The eight stages for the Tour de Zwift:
– Stage 1: Flat is Fast from 10th-13th January
– Stage 2: Mountain Madness from 14th-16th January
– Stage 3: Round & Round from 17th-20th January
– Stage 4: Let’s Get Dirty from 21st-23rd January
– Stage 5: Urban Delight from 24th-27th January
– Stage 6: Go Long from 28th-30th January
– Stage 7: Escalator from 31st January-3rd February
– Stage 8: Big City Champs from 4th-6th February

More information on the Tour de Zwift, including details of how to take part in each stage, can be found at

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Last year Zwift opened the roads of Neokyo, the first expansion to its latest world Makuri Island.

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