The Dutch Tourist Board wants to give Cameron a Dutch-style roadster

Tory leader has bike stolen, but is offered another

The Dutch Tourist Board would like to donate a brand new self-locking Dutch bicycle as a replacement for David Cameron’s bicycle that was stolen in London on Wednesday evening.

The Conservative leader said he left his bicycle locked to a bollard outside a supermarket in West London while he shopped for salad. On leaving the store, David Cameron discovered his bicycle, which he described as an "old friend", had been stolen. [He should have read this article on how to thwart bike thieves and, according to the CTC, he should have ‘Bike to Work’ cycle and get-you-home-if-your-bike-is-nicked insurance].

Throughout Holland, travelling by bicycle is the norm. 16 million people own approximately 12 million bicycles and the Dutch use the bicycle as a regular means of transportation.

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