'Drive Less and Bike More' urges SoCal sportswear brand

Gramicci to produce bike to work clothing

"With gas climbing past $4.00 per gallon and Americans worrying about the impact of their automotive emissions on the world, there is a trend gaining speed – biking," so says a statement from outdoor clothing brand Gramicci of Southern California.

In the US, cycling to work is growing at a fast pace (shameless plug: which is why I’m co-writing the Bike to Work Book).

Marty Weening, president of the apparel manufacturer, said:

"As more people are biking, they need clothes built for sport, but also for life. This is a niche Gramicci already fills, but extending into biking apparel that can be worn to an office – not the typical spandex and fluorescent stripes – is a big opportunity.

"Our own employees are perhaps the best ambassadors for this movement, as many now use bikes as their primary transportation for work and play."

The Agoura Hills-based company has unveiled a new Urban Biking line consisting of eleven styles for women and thirteen for men, including trousers, capris, shorts, skirts, jackets and performance tees in a variety of proprietary fabrics.

Trousers, shorts and jackets are made of Gramicci’s ‘Epic QD,’ an quick-drying nylon with a cotton-like feel and a signature surface texture. The fabric is breathable, dries quickly and has a finish of SPF-30 for sun protection. For women, Gramicci developed ‘Epic Expanse QD’, adding spandex to the weave for greater fit and flexibility.

Garment features include Gramicci’s ‘Freedom of Movement Gusset,’ allowing for ease of pedalling, as well as the ‘Peg-A-Leg’ adjustable hem feature. There is also a ‘Rider Comfort Fit Waistband’ designed to keep the back of the pants up while riding.

The line’s reversible tees come in a variety of screen-printed versions with sayings such as "Drive Less and Bike More".

All items in the Urban Biking line come with a removable sticker carrying the "Drive Less and Bike More" slogan.

"Our new line is designed for people who want to be able to go from their bike to their offices or from a ride with their families to a restaurant for dinner. These are people who don’t want to have to bother changing from a traditional spandex biking outfit to street clothes," said Weening.

"We believe that once people start biking more, they won’t return to their cars. It isn’t just a trend, but a cultural lifestyle shift that will enhance their lives and reduce their carbon footprint."

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