The road cycling quarterly is getting closer to its tenth issue and expanding its presence online.

Rouleur expands online

Rouleur’s revamped website includes content that has never been seen in the published magazine, with features, news and photographs from a wide range of contributors.

“The original idea with Rouleur was to offer a different, more considered take on our sport from the one you usually get in other cycling media and it works perfectly as a quarterly,” said Simon Mottram, the managing director of clothing firm Rapha Racing which publishes Rouleur.

However, after two years of largely print-only content, the website was redeveloped to encourage reading between the long gaps between magazines being published.

“We wanted to give the readers the opportunity to access the magazine’s point of view a little more frequently than just every three months, and a website is the ideal place to do that," said Mottram. also includes a forum.

Rouleur’s editor, Guy Andrews, previously editor of Magicalia’s, said:

“With a published magazine, you will inevitably be having a bit of a one-sided conversation with your readers. Wwe wanted to open that conversation up a bit, to give the readers a forum where they can interact with each other and the contributors, and really build a place where people can have an informed and intelligent discussion about the sport."

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