The Electric Bike Shop introduces business leasing

The Electric Bike Shop has announced a new business leasing product for fleet leasing called Bike Leasing UK.

This approach sees all models of bikes from electric to non-electric that are stocked by The Electric Bike Shop and brand partner Cube, available to lease on a 24 month contract.

Prices start from £24 per month per bike ex VAT, for a non-electric adult bike, depending on the model selected.

Iwan Jones, commercial manager of The Electric Bike Shop, said: “Bike leasing gives businesses such as hotels, leisure clubs and other customer facing organisations that want to offer bike rides to their guests an affordable way of building their fleet. We are delighted to have a ground breaking leasing product utilising the very best adult and kids, electric and non-electric bikes in the market.

“We built the initial offering around the idea of leasing fleets of bikes to hospitality businesses; for them to, in turn, hire out their bikes to their customers. However, our product Bike Leasing UK isn’t limited to that market alone. We foresee that many other businesses and organisations from other sectors could benefit from our leasing model, to make cycling more accessible to colleagues and customers alike.

“We’re continuing to encourage and facilitate the use of cycling, active transport and e-transport using premium products via affordable means.

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The Electric Bike Shop can offer tailored solutions to fit all needs. Clients will be supported with built in flexible lease service plans to keep bikes maintained.

Lease clients will also be able to source GPS tracking, accessory and safety equipment at a discounted rate.

Bike Services UK will deliver the leased bicycles to the client’s preferred location and will also pick them up at the end of the lease period.

All leased bicycles will be delivered fully assembled and checked by qualified mechanics to ensure they are in full working condition.

Bike Services UK provides customer support services to ensure that clients receive prompt and effective assistance with any issues or concerns that may arise during the lease period.

Further information about leasing bikes for business can be found online

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