Tern showcasing range of e-cargo bike solutions at Eurobike 2022

Urban transportation specialist Tern is showcasing a range of e-cargo bike solutions at Eurobike.

Optimised for last-mile delivery, Tern’s products range from light and fast setups for food delivery to heavy-duty parcel delivery with loads up to 150 kg and 1.5 cubic metres.

Michael McManus, Tern business project manager, said: “For dense and crowded cities, e-cargo bikes are often the best way to get things delivered.

“E-cargo bikes can make more deliveries per hour because they aren’t as affected by traffic, have more route options, and can park closer to the pick up and delivery point. Logistics companies also gain by being able to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

“Benefits to the community include reductions in traffic, noise pollution, and air pollution. E-cargo bikes are a win/win/win and that’s why they’re such an obvious solution that we’re advocating for.”

Tern has a Business Solutions booth in the Cargo Bike Area at Eurobike, where visitors can test different Tern e-cargo bike configurations.

Cargo Boxes
Tern’s new Cargo Boxes are optimised for multiple-stop deliveries in the city, like postal or parcel delivery. Made in France, the customised boxes feature theft security with riveted metal wall construction and a locking lid, and are fully weatherproof. The Cargo Box 300 is designed for the GSD and has a capacity of approximately 300 litres.

It is designed for heavy cargo and packages, with internal shelving that helps organise the interior space for parcels of different sizes. The Cargo Box 37 measures 30 x 40 cm and is designed for the Transporteur Rack, which can be fitted to the front of any of Tern’s cargo bikes.

Cargo Kickstand
When loading or unloading cargo on a bicycle, stability is key. Heavy items or unbalanced loads can cause a bike to tip over if it doesn’t have a properly designed kickstand. Tern Lockstand QuadStruts are designed for the GSD e-cargo bike and add an additional pair of “legs” to the kickstand. This patented four-legged kickstand design supports up to 100 kg (220 lb). The QuadStruts work in tandem with the existing Atlas Lockstand on the GSD.

Tern worked with EFBE, a German testing laboratory, to develop a custom kickstand test for the Lockstand QuadStruts. The kickstand passes 30,000 engage/disengage cycles with a load of 100 kg, which would approximate three years of hard, daily, commercial usage at max loading.

Carla Cargo Adapters
Germany-based Carla Cargo makes some of the most popular commercial bicycle trailers in the world. Their trailer can be loaded with up to 150 kg when attached to the GSD, this puts the combined cargo capacity into the territory of a large SUV or small van. Tern has designed custom Adapters to attach a Carla Cargo trailer to Tern’s GSD, HSD, and Quick Haul cargo bikes.

Tern FleetTracker
A fleet of e-cargo bikes is a valuable asset that needs to be tracked, maintained, and used efficiently. Tern’s new FleetTracker by WeMo is designed for this and includes a telematics box and a cloud-based software platform for complete fleet management. Tern partnered with WeMo Scooter, a company that operates a fleet of 10,000 shared e-scooters in Taiwan, to develop FleetTracker.

Bikes For All Types of Business
The Tern Business program helps organisations gain a competitive edge by integrating bikes into their business operations. Companies looking for fleet solutions have several bikes to fit their needs, including:
– GSD: For heavy-duty hauling, and a max gross vehicle weight of 200 kg
– HSD: For medium-to-heavy loads, and a MGVW of 170 kg
– Quick Haul and Short Haul: For light and fast deliveries, and a MGVW of 150 kg and 140 kg, respectively

All bikes above are compatible with the ever-growing Tern ecosystem of accessories, making it easier to tailor the bikes to different purposes and customise them with logos and other branding elements.

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The Tern Business area at Eurobike is located at F10.0 / D04, with a range of bikes and accessories available for a test ride.

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