The new Tern NBD

Tern launches new NBD e-bike, designed for smaller or older riders 

E-bike and cargo-bike specialist Tern has just launched it’s newest model, a smaller and lighter model aimed at riders who may struggle with conventional e-bikes. 

The NBD comes with some stand-out features like a low centre of gravity and longer wheelbase to improve handling, all in a compact bike with 20” wheels and folding handlebars. 

“To the average rider, the NBD will be an amazingly easy-to-handle, easy-to-ride bike that fits wonderfully into crowded urban settings,” said Josh Hon, Tern team captain.

“But what gets us really excited about the NBD are the special features we’ve added for riders that aren’t conventionally ‘average’. For riders that are smaller in size and have a hard time finding a bike that fits, or older riders who might not have ridden a bike in a while, or riders who might have balance or physical issues, or riders who are just intimidated by the sheer size and weight of the average e-bike, the NBD will be refreshingly easy to hop aboard and ride.”

For ease of use, the NBD has a low and long step-through, perfectly suited to smaller or older riders, along with a lower bottom bracket and motor, offering stable handling. 

Adjustability is also a highlight, as riders can adjust the seatpost height, cockpit length, and handlebar height to get the most comfortably riding position. 

Tern said the bike suits riders starting at 147cm tall, who may traditionally find it difficult to find bikes that fit. 

Despite its compact size, the NBD is rated to a hefty maximum gross vehicle weight of 140 kg, and can handle up to 27 kg on the rear rack, and up to 20 kg on a front rack. With several accessory options, riders can outfit the NBD to suit their specific needs, such as commutes, school drop-offs, and quick grocery runs. The NBD also works with most child seats.

“Our mission is to get people to replace car trips with bike trips,” Hon added.. “In order to do that, we need to make biking more accessible, comfortable, and safe for everybody. The NBD does that and our entire team is proud to have created something that will bring the joy and practicality of cycling to a wider range of people.” 

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The NBD platform includes two models—S5i and P8i—and starts at £4,000. Bikes will start arriving in bike shops in Q1/2023.  

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