Temple Cycles crowd funding goes live at 4pm today

Temple Cycles – which was recently featured in our Made in Britain feature – will go live at 4pm today with a full crowd funding campaign.

The brand has already hit 99 per cent of its funding ambition through private investment alone; the remaining funding will be available publicly, with a minimum investment of £10.

Temple opened its funding to private investors on Friday evening and has reached a total of £149.5k in that time alone. The investment will allow the company to expand its range, create sustainable careers in the cycling industry and research UK-based bike manufacturing.

Temple’s owner Matt Mears told BikeBiz: "We’re absolutely blown away by the response we’ve received so far. We’d expected to run for a month, reaching almost 100% of our target in a weekend is incredible. 

“The remaining public investment is very important to us; we really want as many cyclists as possible to own a piece of our company and to share our journey. It’s not all about the big investors, we want to share our success with people like us that love cycling and love beautiful, comfortable, British build bikes.” 

Find the full Temple Cycles crowd funding campaign on Crowdcube here.

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