Quarq releases the ShockWiz

Quarq has released a new suspension tuning system for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines high-tech hardware with a smartphone app.

ShockWiz’s small waterproof case houses a highly accurate pressure sensors and a microcompressor. The user can connect the device to their fork or shock’s Schrader valve, from which it can sample air pressure 100 times per second whilst in use.

Finely tuned algorithms analyse the changes in pressure to detect undesirable characteristics – such as a pogo, pack-down or bob – and class their severity. I a characteristic is severe or persistent, ShockWiz will determine the adjustment required to fix it and display this in the smartphone app.

Quarq says that the engineering principles behind ShockWiz were derived from thousands of laboratory hours and on-bike tests, which verified that suspension displacement could be interpreted from changes in air pressure.

The algorithms that make up the basis of the unit derive from detailed analysis of suspension data from all types of mountain bikes and terrain.

ShockWiz is designed for riders of all levels and works accurately regardless of riding style. For more information on the unit, visit the brand’s website here.

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