Stolen Goat to re-asses business in response to EU currency trends

This year, Stolen Goat has taken a different approach to the typical cycle clothing business model.

The kit is made in Europe and therefore is constrained by recent currency trends. Rather than putting the prices up, Stolen Goat surveyed its entire chain – from sketching out designs to products ready to go in packaging and everything in between.

As such, the new stolen goat core range doesn’t compromise on fit or design features, but instead takes a design once approach. The jerseys, bibshorts and gilets are designed once, photographed once and sold all year round. This strips out the design and marketing costs over the long term and allows riders to get the optimum kit without any price hikes due to currency trends.

The core range comes in multiple colourways and has various options for both men and women. Each design has a maximum cap on the total number ever to be made and sold across all channels. The designs are each made in smaller batches until the maximum number is reached.

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