Steed Bikes’ Thoroughbred chosen as best single speed bike by Cycling Weekly

Steed Bikes has won Cycling Weekly’s test of the best single speed bikes on the market with its Thoroughbred model.

In an evaluation over six months, the team at Cycling Weekly road tested a curated list of five single-speed bike brands currently available.

Those included in the test were the Elops City Bike, Quella Oxford, Steed Thoroughbred, Temple Lightweight, and Genesis Flyer.

With a commitment to uncovering the best of the best, the test explored the intersection of performance, design, comfort and durability within the single-speed bike field.

Ed Westrop, Cycling Weekly’s video editor, gave the crown to Steed. He said “The Steed Thoroughbred is our all round winner.

“I absolutely love this bike. This is such a fantastic no messing around, it knows what it is, type machine and I thoroughly enjoyed riding it around….It’s perfect for what I’d be using it for which is basically riding around town but also for some longer rides as well and I just think that for £475 you cant really complain.”

Despite only launching in 2021, Steed Bikes’ believe the victory solidifies its reputation and shows that there is always space for new cycling brands that can bring quality products to market.

In response to clinching the top spot, Steed Bikes’ founder, Ian Steed said: “I’m absolutely over the moon. This above all the other reviews means the most, especially as we were pitted against such great brands that I have huge respect and admiration for.

“When I started Steed Bikes I had a strong conviction that making excellent bikes needn’t come with a big price tag and I’m so proud of the Steed Bikes team for working so hard to make such wonderful bikes at a very accessible price point.”

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Cycling Weekly deemed the Elops City Bike as the best single speed bike for those on a budget, the Quella Oxford best for those who want to go fast, while the Temple Lightweight was best for those who want a more luxury option.

The Genesis Flyer was the best single speed gravel bike, with Cycling Weekly classing it as “the most versatile bike on test”.

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