Stage Intelligence implements bike share tech in Guadalajara

Bike share scheme management company Stage Intelligence has been selected by BKT bicipública, a Central American bike share operator, to deploy its BICO bike share management platform. BKT operates the MIBICI system in Guadalajara.

Stage’s deployment with BKT is the first time AI will be used in a bike share scheme in Mexico. BICO will enable BKT to rapidly distribute bicycles across the city and ensure that riders have bikes and docks available when and where they need them.

“BKT and Stage have a shared vision for simple, efficient and user-centric transportation. Together, we are bringing innovation to Guadalajara’s Bike Share Scheme and using AI to give riders the best possible Bike Share experience,” said head of operations at Stage Intelligence Tom Nutley. “AI makes it simple to grow a Bike Share Scheme and provide services that create life-long riders. This is a great opportunity for Guadalajara to innovate in clean and sustainable transportation.”

The Guadalajara Bike Share Scheme is the second largest in Mexico, serving an estimated population of over five million people.

"The rebalancing is one of our biggest challenges in the operation of the public bicycle system in Guadalajara. BICO has allowed us to take better advantage of our resources to improve our service. We focus our efforts on achieving user satisfaction. BICO is an essential part to provide a better service and now satisfaction is also for our staff,” said BKT bicipública operations manager Noé Santana.

Stage’s AI-based BICO platform uses citywide data and AI-technology to provide actionable insights for operators. Stage recently implemented its internationalisation process that enables the BICO platform to be deployed in cities like Guadalajara and cater to the specific needs of its citizens.

The talks between BKT and Stage kicked off as part of the i-Mobility Week in 2017. The Department of International Trade in Mexico facilitated the trip to Mexico and helped organise the talks with BKT. The DIT enables UK companies to trade overseas and supports new innovations abroad. It was critical in setting up initial meetings with MIBICI operators and providing guidance throughout the contract process.

"The partnership between Stage Intelligence and BKT demonstrates how organisations in the UK and Mexico can collaborate to create greener cities and happier citizens. Thanks to the support of the British Embassy in Mexico, Stage and BKT have shown that innovation doesn’t have borders. We are very proud to have joined this partnership and we look forward to Stage and BKT growing their partnership and enabling each other’s success in the long term,” said trade and investment officer at British Embassy Mexico Manuel Mandujano.

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