SRAM launches Eagle Powertrain

SRAM has launched the Eagle Powertrain, designed to complement Eagle Transmission and AXS technology to provide riders with a “complete, seamless and holistic” e-MTB system.

According to SRAM, Eagle Powertrain “applies natural feeling, traction generating, technical move completing, controllable power to the rear wheel”.

Those with an eagle-eye for new tech may have spotted it being used by Yannick Pontal (BlackBox Test Pilot Program) in the 2022 EWS-E series. The motor was also seen at Sea Otter Europe this past weekend on the GasGas stand.

The new motor will offer riders two support modes, Range and Rally.

Range is made for longer routes, easier terrain or for when conserving power is the move, with Rally for shorter rides or occasions when access to power is required.

Auto Shift will sense cadence and rider input to deliver an intuitive experience. Eagle Powertrain also offers Coast Shift, allowing the chainring to move freely from the cranks to shift while coasting.

Dominique Fuss and Victor Freyssinet, electrical and software engineers, said: “Our Auto Shift algorithm is like a bike’s sixth sense, deciding when to shift so riders can stay laser-focused on their ride. It’s not just smart tech, it’s the ultimate riding companion.”

As a part of SRAM’s plans for a holistic system, AXS pod controllers assign all powertrain rider commands. This includes toggling between Range and Rally, controlling a Rockshox Reverb AXS dropper post, or press and hold the pods to multi shift.

Michael Hemme, e-MTB category manager, said: “Our focus is always on the rider first. The goal of the system was to provide the rider with a complete, wireless, integrated E-MTB system tuned specifically for performance mountain biking. We simplified the ride allowing the rider to focus on the trail.”

The Eagle Powertrain AXS Bridge Display is the nerve centre of the entire system, giving the rider a control unit designed to simplify the experience.

SRAM describes it as an onboard extension of the AXS App, providing everything in an illuminated, full colour, waterproof display, protected under Gorilla Glass.

Further customisation is available via the AXS app with options to adjust the drive unit power output or even simply checking remaining battery life.

Sebastian Dueweling, chief system engineer, said: “It was an incredible opportunity to develop a fully holistic system. All components–from the display to the derailleur–forming one perfectly synced unit. Our wireless AXS technology enabled us to create features like Auto Shift, Coast Shift and the limitless options of Eagle Transmission provide shifting under full load.”

Powering the Eagle Powertrain is a C-shaped clip-in or optional slide-in battery. These options help to support partner OE manufacturers in their quest to keep the weight low and centred.

It comes in a 630Wh compact or 720Wh full size and is removable with a single Allen key.

The Eagle Powertrain battery has been created to streamline the interface between battery and drive unit. This has been done to fit more power into a smaller area and make it easier for brands when designing e-bikes around the system due to a smaller form factor

The drive unit itself is powered by Brose and offers a claimed 680W of peak power and up to 90Nm of torque.

SRAM says it took learnings from short-comings that plague other motors, such as common power losses from hard riding.

To improve performance, SRAM has utilised things such as heat-resistant materials that provide improved thermal performance and enable longer power delivery.

The SRAM Eagle Powertrain is a complete system specific to the bike manufacturer and will feature on e-MTBs from Propain, Nukeproof, Transition and GasGas in the coming weeks and months

Additional or replacement SRAM batteries, range extenders, chargers, and accessories are available in the aftermarket.

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