The new SQlab Active 2.1 technology has been announced

SQlab releases new ergonomic saddles to prevent back pain 

German component brand SQlab has announced the launch of new ergonomic saddle models, designed to prevent and fight back pain. 

The Comfort 2.1 seat has been designed to allow movement of the joints, to offer added comfort and help combat one of the biggest complaints amongst cyclists. 

Designed in collaboration with spinal surgery and sports medicine doctor Markus Knöringer, the new ‘active’ technology in the 2.1 saddle means the seat moves along with the joints, following the pedalling motion to mobilise the intervertebral discs, and minimising pressure on the sit bones. 

The active movement can also be easily adjusted in two levels via a new switch function.

The new saddle will be available in 2023, the brand said.

Dr Knöringer said: “Due to its design, the active system allows the pelvis to move in a horizontal plane. The execution of the so-called pelvic swing is thus ensured – as in the natural walking movement. The possibility of co-movement of the pelvis therefore minimizes the risk of discomfort in the lower lumbar spine, the pelvis and the hip and results in targeted relief of the intervertebral discs and facet joints.” 

This technology will be available in four models -two for trekking and two for city/comfort, retailing for £115.99/€129.95 for the trekking version and  £105.99/€119.95 for the city version.

SQlab was founded by Tobias ‘Toby’ Hild, a former motocross rider, who had a big crash and switched to riding mountain bikes afterward. In the early 1990s, Hild founded his first cycling businesses: Amazing Toys, a parts and accessories brand for the fast-growing MTB downhill segment, and Amazing Shop, an LBS. 

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In 2002, Toby founded SQlab as the world’s first player focusing on ergonomic cycling parts, to ease the ride and help cyclists with pain and numbness issues. SQlab was the very first brand to introduce a sit bones distance measuring tool for fitting, in the same year. 

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