The new Silca Ultimate range

Silca releases new Bicycle Spa cleaning range 

Silca has released its newest range of bike care products, the Bicycle Spa range. 

The new range features four key products – a drivetrain cleaner, bike wash, a graphene spray, and a waterless wash- all designed to clean and protect a rider’s pride and joy. 

The Ultimate Brake and Drivetrain Cleaner is designed to be a fast-acting, Ccnnamon-smelling solution, sprayed directly onto the groupset and brakes, left for a few minutes, then washed off. 

Silca said this should be followed by the Ultimate Bike Wash – a cherry-scented bubble bath for bikes that works with either bucket or sponge, or even a foaming hose attachment. 

Next up is the Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax. This margarita-scented substance forms an invisible hydrophobic barrier on the frame, keeping grit, pollutants and grime away, while also preventing sun fade. 

For the best finish, spray onto a microfibre cloth, rub vigorously onto your frame, let it dry for a few minutes and then buff with another clean cloth. Now you have a hydrophobic graphene oxide coating protecting your paintwork with glossy veneer which lasts for up to three months. 

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The final product is the Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash – ideal for use on the road.  Designed as a daily top-up, this eco-cleaner helps recapture that just-scrubbed sparkle after a ride. Riders can just spray the bright blue polymeric surfactant solution, with its fruity aromas, everywhere but the drivetrain and brake rotors, wipe the dirt and grime off with the slippery film the spray creates and finally buff with a clean cloth. This hydrophobic formula, infused with silicone dioxide ceramic wax, will gently cleanse bikes without scratching the paintwork and form a micron-thick protective layer to keep it looking like new.

US-based cycling cleaning and accessory based brand Silca is distributed by Saddleback in the UK.


Brake & Drivetrain Cleaner, €36  

Bike Wash, €30

Graphene Spraywash, €54€

Refresh Ceramic Wash, €36€


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