Shimano unveils Cues groupsets to replace lower-end components 

Japanese component brand Shimano has unveiled a new range of nine, 10, and 11-speed groupsets to replace its current lower-end products. 

The new Shimano Cues catalogue has been introduced to replace the Alivio, Acera and Altus sets, with the aim of simplifying its offering for more casual riders. 

Completely redesigned from the ground up, Shimano said the Cues range aims to offer smooth shifting and durable components, all with standardised and interchangeable components. 

Explaining the new range, Shimano said: “Redesigned from the ground up, Shimano Cues makes the bike buying experience easier. Featuring our high-durability LINKGLIDE technology, Shimano Cues offers smoother shifting, more durable components, and standardizes compatibility across a wide range of categories. 

“We’ve created our most compatible and versatile component line-up ever, shifting away from our traditional trickle-down technology model to focus on the unique needs of the everyday rider.

“The line-up features unified sprocket spacing across our nine, 10, and 11-speed drivetrains, so that components can be intermixed across a wider range of user groups and riding styles.”

According to the brand, compatible derailleurs, cassettes, and chains will allow retailers to reduce inventory and simplify the service process for the workshop. 

Cues features unified sprocket spacing across the nine, 10, and 11-speed drivechains.  

Shimano Linkglide technology also aims to over smooth shifting to help improve the lifespan of the products, both in the mechanical and e-bike categories. 

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With taller and thicker cassette teeth, providing additional surface area, this mitigates the chain from skipping and distributes pedaling forces to prevent premature wear due to shifts from novice riders, Shimano said. 

Shimano Cues specs:

  •  Streamlined Mid-Tier Component Lineup – Consolidates Shimano’s nine, 10, and 11-speed drivetrains into one unified ecosystem of components.
  • Developed from the Ground Up – Components designed specifically for the everyday rider to improve compatibility and versatility across the range. 
  • Drivetrain Compatibility – Common components used across drivetrains to reduce overall complexity and create clear compatibility across groups.
  • Shimano Cues Versatility – Select components can be intermixed across more user groups and riding styles, opening up new possibilities for component spec combinations.
  • Centered on LINKGLIDE technology – Delivers the most durable drivetrain technology available while improving shifting performance.
  • Smooth and Intuitive Shifting – New tooth profile design that guides the chain up and down the cassette for smooth shifting in either direction while pedaling under load. 
  • Extended Component Lifespan – Cassettes and chains built to withstand consistent daily wear and tear of both analog and high-torque e-bike use.

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