Santafixie presents its own line of handlebar tapes

Santafixie, the online urban cycling store and manufacturer of fixie bikes and components, is expanding its own product catalogue with 10 models of handlebar tapes.

A spokesperson for Santafixie said: “Named SNTFX Special, they are obviously special.

“Not only because of the quality of the material with which they have been manufactured, three mm thick EVA rubber in the central part that provides a great absorption of the imperfections of the terrain, but also because both the finish and the feel are spectacular.”

The SNTFX Special tapes are available in carbon, matte, gloss and cork finishes, to give a vintage touch to the bike, as well as other colourful and eye-catching designs.

Some of the 10 models have reflective elements and all come with matte black tapes, two extra pieces of tape to mount behind the levers and two exclusive design caps.

In recent years, the Barcelona-based brand has been developing its portfolio.

In addition to its Santafixie Raval bike, the company has recently launched the Santafixie Wild and components such as handlebars, cranks, wheels and battle handlebar straps.

Santafixie was created by a group of bike-lovers in 2011, specialising in fixed-gear and single-speed bicycles.

The company now sells to more than 50 countries and has fulfilled orders to more than 100.000 clients.

All of the models of SNTFX Special tapes can be ordered from the Santafixie shop at an RRP of €29.95.

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