Reynolds launches new downhill and enduro wheels

Reynolds Cycling has introduced a new range of wheels, the 307 and 309 Gravity collection.

Available in both 29 and 27.5” versions, the wheels are described by the brand as “the absolute fastest wheel solutions available for DH and Enduro but also lead the industry in terms of impact resistance and durability”.

Reynolds says the rim design of the new BL307/ BL309 is visibly different, even to the naked eye, as it is markedly shallower and slightly wider.

The new profile is 5.5mm shallower, going from 26mm in the previous version to a shorter 20.5mm which aids in vertical compliance to the tune of nearly 40%.

The 30mm wide internal channel (37mm external) makes for a better tyre interface and adds additional compliance through better overall tyre performance.

309 Pro

The new, low profile rim design is also slightly asymmetric which allows for more equal spoke tensions, resulting in a more robust and reliable wheel.

The rims are made using Reynolds’ Impact Dispersion Matrix (IDM), a technology that combines high quality carbon fibre, a unique resin with exceptional impact dispersing characteristics. This layup is optimised to improve impact strength, ride quality, and achieve a reduction in weight.

The enduro wheels receive a 28 hole build in an effort to further increase the compliance and lower weight.

The 28 hole build aims to be more forgiving and necessary for the longer descents and lighter as the enduro athlete must overcome the rigours of long climbs as well.

309 DH Expert

The DH version gets a 32 hole build as the downhill athlete requires a slightly stiffer, more precise performance, with less emphasis on overall weight.

The Pro version of these wheelsets use the Reynolds designed, Industry Nine produced, proprietary Black Label Hydra hubs.

The Expert and TR level wheels are fitted with Ringle Super Bubba X and Bubba hubs.

Working with elite level athletes would prove integral to the overall design direction and development
of the new wheels.

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While many were looking for stiffer wheels, Reynolds says the testing with Pivot Factory Racing highlighted that adding compliance to the wheelset actually increased tracking capabilities and control, translating to better
handling and faster overall performance.

TA spokesperson for the brand added: “The groundbreaking revelation in performance through compliance resulted in a wildly different rim design when compared to previous iterations.”


  • Enduro Black Label Pro £2,200
  • Enduro Black Label Expert £1,800
  • Enduro TR £1,350
  • DH Expert £1,800
  • Trail TR £1,350

The new wheels are expected to be available to UK retailers in the coming weeks, through Reynolds’ UK distributor, Upgrade Bikes.

Any retailers interested in stocking the product are advised to contact their Upgrade Bikes account manager.

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