Reynolds introduces new 309/289 XC wheels

Reynolds has introduced the new 309/289 XC wheels.

The new 309/289 XC family features four unique build levels including a limited-edition version with the Super Bubba X turquoise hub set from sister company Ringlé. Each level features Reynolds’ new front and rear-specific rim designs and spoke counts. Prices range from $1299.99 to $2099.99.

The new 309/289 XC features a 30mm internal width front rim paired to a 28mm internal width rear. “Wider rims allow you to run lower pressure, increase traction, and add precision to your steering,” said a statement. “However, wider rims can also result in a less compliant and bumpier ride. To avoid the latter, we have reduced our rims profile to 21mm.

“By reducing the depth, we have improved overall compliance and comfort while simultaneously offering all the benefits listed above that come with a wider rim. With most of the rider weight and power on the bike being transferred to the rear, we found a 28mm wide rim paired to 28 spokes an ideal balance between strength, comfort, and performance.

“On the front, we widened the rim to 30mm to add even more steering precision and sidewall stiffness where it matters most. To maintain a similar feel to the rear, we decreased the spoke count to 24 to add compliance and reduce weight for a more flickable feel while navigating the tight and twisty sections of the trail.”

The Blacklabel wheels utilise the same IDM (Impact Dispersing Matrix) and MR5 rim construction technologies found in Reynolds’ DH wheels to provide “industry-leading impact resistance and durability in a new lightweight XC package”.

There are two build options offered at the Blacklabel level. The first option includes the Reynolds/I9 proprietary Blacklabel Hydra hubs. These hubs are fully CNC machined with an instant .52° engagement The second option is a limited-edition model featuring the Ringlé Super Bubba X hub.

This hubset is only available within the Blacklabel 309/289r wheelset and is available while supplies last. The Super Bubba X features 4° of engagement and a drop-in ratchet ring design for enhanced durability. Each of these wheelsets is laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and alloy nipples.

In addition to the Blacklabel versions, Reynolds has created a TR and TRs version of this wheel. The TR and TRs versions both use the same 309/289 rim design and profile with Reynolds’ PR3 rim construction found in its current TR and TRs series of wheels.

The TRs are laced with Sapim CX-Delta spokes and alloy nipples to its TRs MTN hub featuring 5° of engagement through six phased pawls. The TR uses Sapim Sprint spokes, brass nipples and Reynolds’ TR MTN hub with 10° of engagement through four pawls.

Visit the website for more information about the new 309/289 XC family.

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