BikeBiz’s guide to the latest wheels, tyres and inner tubes

BikeBiz takes a look at the latest wheels, tyres and inner tubes from some of the leading brands in the sector, including KX Wheels, Zipp, FFWD, Ere Research, Reynolds Wheels, Reserve, Enve, Princeton Carbonworks, Panaracer, Demolition, Schwalbe Tyres, Goodyear, WTB, Michelin, Vittoria, Pirelli, Mitas, Silca, Muc-Off and Zéfal

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KX Wheels – Hybrid 700C Singlewall Q/R Cassette Wheel Rim Brake (Rear)

Distributor: Bob Elliot & Co

700C singlewall rear wheel available in both black and silver. An excellent choice for a wheel replacement or upgrade complete with full KX branding!

RRP: £49.99

Zipp – 858 NSW Wheel

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Zipp’s 858 NSW packs even more speed thanks to the addition of the Total System Efficiency design with the hookless rim-tyre interface. What’s more, this wheelset is hundreds of grams lighter than its predecessor.

RRP: £924.48-£1,158.86

FFWD – Tyro 2

Distributor: Extra UK

FFWD’s Tyro 2 follows the success of the Tyro platform, offering outstanding aerodynamic performance at a great price point, but now updated with the latest in carbon technology. The 45mm deep section rim cuts through the air with ease whilst the new wider internal rim optimises the use of wider tyres including gravel tyres up to 44mm.

RRP: £969.99

Ere Research – Omnia CLR45

Distributor: Oneway Bike

Meet the brand new 45mm carbon aero rims from Ere Research, the Omnia CLR45. The sleek wheels are fitted with the latest 12mm thru-axle IONA hubs including the much-appraised SKF bearings. With an internal rim measure of 21mm you can fit all modern-size road tyres (25-mm to 32 mm). You can even take them off-road on a gravel experience using gravel tyres up to 57mm. Furthermore, the rim has excellent damping and anti-vibration characteristics.

RRP: £999

Reynolds Wheels – ARX 58/62

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

The Reynolds ARX 58/62 brake carbon road bike wheelset is engineered and built for riders looking for a real aerodynamic advantage. The 58mm tall front wheel is designed to provide stable handling in crosswinds, while the deeper 62mm tall rear is optimised to harness the disrupted wind at the rear of the bike and lower rolling resistance when mated to wider tyres.

RRP: £1,500

Reserve – 34/37 Wheelset

Distributor: Jungle Products

The Reserve 34/37 is the wheelset for everything you do on your road bike, designed to find that perfect balance between weight, stability and aerodynamics. It benefits from a wider, shallower front mixed with a narrower, taller rear wheel. Imagined in the wind tunnel and then proven on the tarmac with our professional race teams, the 34|37 provides quick acceleration and predictable handling, conditions be damned.

RRP: Reserve 34/37 700c / DT 350 – £1,599
Reserve 34/37 700c / DT 240 – £1,999
Reserve 34/37 700c / DT 180 – £2,399

Enve – Foundation 45 Wheelset

Distributor: Saddleback

The Enve Foundation 45mm wheelset draws on Enve’s world-leading expertise to deliver an aero wheelset that meets the demands of the modern road cyclist and triathlete. To achieve the low drag and high stability performance the Enve 45 offers, Enve takes cues from its top of the line SES line up. This trickle down approach from Enve’s top-of-the-line products means the Enve 45’s outperform, or perform similar to, competitor’s wheels that are upmarket in price.

RRP: £2,100

Princeton Carbonworks – Grit 4540

Distributor: Ison Distribution

Running alongside the winning road race wheels, these all-road wheels offer a lightweight, stiff, and versatile wheelset. With a variable depth sinusoidal cross section for cross wind stability, this wheelset is ideal for general road use and as an all-purpose road or gravel/mixed terrain wheelset. With a 21mm internal they are optimised for tyre sizes from 25c-45c. Tubeless ready out of the box.

RRP: £3,699.99

Panaracer – Agilest

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Panaracer replaced the 12-year-old ‘Race’ series with a completely redesigned range of road clinchers that it’s calling the ‘Agilest’. The name is derived from the word ‘agile’ and it’s meant to mean that it’s a tyre that is fast, supple and has low rolling resistance – the Panaracer Ratio. The range includes the Agilest, Agilest TLR, Duro and light.

RRP: £26.99-£59.99

Demolition – Momentum Tyre

Distributor: Ison Distribution

Lightest wire bead BMX tyre available. New high pressure (110 psi), lightweight, wire bead tyre. Featuring low profile
rectangle tread pattern for grip on any terrain. The Demolition BMX Freestyle tyre range is one of the most comprehensive available.

RRP: £34.99

Schwalbe Tyres – Marathon Plus Tour

Distributor: Multiple, contact

Asphalt or off-road? Everyday use or bicycle expeditions? This versatile tyre always does the job. Its robust construction handles almost any mistreatment. Protected by SmartGuard, the most effective puncture protection belt available for bicycle tyres.

RRP: E-bike spec £48.99 – Bike spec £45.99

Goodyear – Peak Ultimate, Gravel /All-terrain Tyre

Distributor: Cambrian Tyres, Upgrade

For the gravel competitor and anyone who wonders what’s beyond the next forest and over the next Peak. Performing best anywhere off road where rolling efficiency is high on the ‘must have list’. Featuring a round profile, closely-spaced tread, and supple casing, all contributing to Peak’s low rolling resistance, while ample traction and braking performance are delivered thanks to siping on every knob and its multi-dimensional Dynamic:A/T compound.

RRP: £49.95

WTB – Vulpine TCS Fast Tyre (Dual DNA/SG2)

Distributor: Hotlines

Designed for efficiency, traction and durability on every mile. Ideal for long days exploring countryside backroads and new gravel routes, this tyre features a 120tpi casing for a more supple ride. SG2 puncture protection provides an uninterrupted layer of protection from bead to bead. Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) technology allows you to run lower tyre pressures for increased stability on gravel roads, lower rolling resistance and fewer chances of flats or punctures.

RRP: From £54.99

Michelin – Power Cup Classic Tubed Tyre 700x25C

Distributor: Silverfish UK

These all-new tyres mark a leap forward in performance for racers and riders seeking ultimate performance in racing or training. The Power Cup tube type has been shown in independent testing to offer lower rolling resistance than the current benchmark tyre in the sector, whilst also offering excellent puncture resistance and wet weather grip. Tubular and tubeless are also available.

RRP: £54.99

Vittoria – Corsa N.EXT

Distributor: Madison

If you want a Corsa with every day durability, the Corsa N.EXT is the tyre for you. With a 100TPI nylon casing and using a proprietary blend of two different Graphene compounds and Silica, the N.EXT provides race speed and feel but with the every day toughness of a nylon tyre. Available as either tubeless-ready or clincher, the Corsa N.EXT is the perfect every day tyre for any racers who want a longer-lasting tyre.

RRP: £54.99 (clincher) £64.99 (TLR)

Pirelli – Enduro & e-MTB Tyres

Distributor: Extra UK

Pirelli has updated its line-up of enduro and e-MTB tyres with an all-new mixed-terrain tread, improved rubber compound and more sidewall options. There are new compounds such as SmartGRIP gravity which is a softer compound rubber that offers better grip in the most challenging conditions, the enduro tyres are available in a heavy-duty Hardwall carcass – for heavy- hitting riders or treacherous terrain. Lastly, the Pirelli Scorpion Enduro M and e-MTB M has had a complete redesign, the all-new tread pattern boasts much higher knobs both on the centre-tread and tyre edge to offer unparalleled grip on mixed surfaces.

RRP: From £59.99

Mitas – Tyres and Tubes

Distributor: Walkers Cycle Components

We stock a full range of tyres and tubes from Mitas from 20” up to 29”. Tubes are available in both Schrader and Presta valves. The tyres are available in three grades Classic (Basic Puncture Protection), Anti-Puncture (1mm of Puncture Protection) and Stop Thorn (3mm of Puncture Protection). Choose from slick semi-slick or knobbly tread patterns.


Schwalbe Tyres – Aerothan Tubes

Distributor: Multiple – contact

– Fully lightweight, right to the valve – about 40% less weight than a comparable Schwalbe extra light tube
– Puncture protection newly defined – the material itself prevents sudden air loss
– Minimal rolling resistance – maximum riding dynamics
– Extremely heat resistant – certified for rim brakes
– A stable ride – even with low air pressures
– Easy installation – without slipping or pinching

RRP: From £27.99 to £31.99

Silca – Latex Tube 700c x 24-30mm (42mm Valve)

Distributor: Saddleback

The Silca Latex inner tubes are generally 2-5 watts (per tyre) more efficient at 30mph than tubes made of other materials, are harder to pinch-flat, and offer superior suppleness and road feel, especially when combined with supple, low rolling resistance tyres. This tube has been sized to fit tyres measuring 24-30mm, which will equate to 23-28mm tyres used on modern wider rims. Valve stem length is 42mm and will work in all modern disc wheels.

RRP: £35

Muc-Off – Inner Tube sealant

Distributor: Muc-Off

The Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle Inner Tube Sealant is easy to install and the cutting-edge molecules seal holes in tubes of up to 4mm ensuring that your ride is uninterrupted. The proprietary water-based non-hazardous formula was developed specifically for use with inner tubes and is compatible with a wide range of bikes. Whether you’re commuting, out on a backpacking adventure, hitting the trails and everything in between, Muc-Off has you covered!

RRP: £10.99 (300ml) / £24.99 (1l)

Zéfal – Tubeless Repair Kit

Distributor:Chicken CycleKit

The Tubeless Repair Kit is a repair kit for tubeless tyres. Discreet, it will easily find its place either on your bike, thanks to the included mounting clip, or in a saddlebag or in your jersey pocket. By unscrewing one side, you access a double function tool (reamer and
needle) used to place the plug in the tyre. And on the other side, the storage part with 5 plugs (Ø 2mm and Ø 4 mm) to perform several sealings. Durable and fast, it is the ideal repair solution in the field, when preventive fluid is not enough to fill a leak.

RRP: €19,95

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