Rex Articoli Tecnini SA issues recall on pads

Rex Articoli Tecnini SA has issued a recall notice for all SwissStop EXOTherm disc brake pad models.

The recall notice is due to potential separation of the friction compound from the backplate. Customers may have a bicycle equipped with SwissStop EXOTherm disc brake pads. The manufacturers have asked that bicycle shops contact any customers that may be affected by this.

Items recalled: SwissStop EXO erm disc brake pads – all models. SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 25 SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 26 SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 27 SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 28 SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 30 SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 31 SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 32 SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 34

If your customers are affected by the SwissStop EXOTherm brake pads, please contact your place of purchase to arrange return and a full refund for the affected pads. All EXOTherm disc brake pads, new or used, must be returned to a SwissStop dealer for refund.

All returns must be received by November 30th, 2017.

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