Restrap takes product from concept to launch in 24 hours

Restrap has announced the release of the new Saddle Pack, which was taken from the prototype stage to full production and sale in just 24 hours.

“Nathan has always wanted to prototype, shoot, and launch a product in 24 hours and as some of us wipe the sweat off our foreheads, we can announce the launch of the new Restrap Saddle Pack,” commented a release on the brand’s page.

The rackless saddle pack which makes up part of the ‘#carryeverything’ range, connects securely to the user’s seat post for bike packing, touring or commuting. With no mounts or screws, the bag attaches in seconds to any bike with a patented magnetic fitting and magnetic compression strap.

The lightweight four-litre saddle pack is made from 100 per cent waterproof VX21 Nylon. It features taped seams, and has a roll top closure.

The bag is now available for pre-order.

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