Every bike shop and cycle supplier should be bombarding the media with pro-bike messages: most of the press releases will fall on stony ground, some will get through and may cause some motorists to switch to cycling even after the petrol crisis is but a memory. Heres one company being proactive

Release the energy, says Powabyke

This is a press release sent to the mainstream media by Powabykes PR company.


12 September, 2000 — Electric bicycle manufacturer,

Powabyke, has been inundated today with calls from businesses desperate

to ensure that their staff will still be able to get out and about,

despite the fuel blockades. As petrol supplies dry up all over the

country, it’s become increasingly apparent that business nationwide is

going to suffer unless deliveries and essential appointments are kept.

* Powabyke bicycles, which allow the rider petrol-free powered cycling,

have been snapped up by anxious bosses determined to beat the blockades.

Bath FM, for example has taken a bike on loan to allow its roving

reporters unimpeded access to breaking stories all over the city. And

Lancashire Police are reinforcing the strong arm of the law during the

petrol-less period with a fleet of six Powabykes.

* The whole issue of the vice-like grip petrol has over businesses has

made everybody realise that sooner or later, there is going to have to

be some kind of government-wide initiative to encourage the use of

electric vehicles. Powabyke, for example is already lobbying Ken

Livingstone to make electric vehicles exempt from his proposed toll on

cars and lorries entering the capital.

* "We recognise that people need to get to work, and we are doing

everything we can to keep the UK moving," said Dan Hornby, MD of


* As there is no end in sight to the blockades, it’s becoming clear that

everybody will be seeing more Powabykes on the streets, ridden by those

smart enough to recognise the benefits of battery power versus petrol


Editor’s Notes

* Under British law (1981 Transport Act), an electric bicycle avoids

being classed as a motorcycle only if it weighs less than 40g, is fitted

with pedals, has an output not exceeding 200 watts and cannot be

propelled under power at more than 15 mph.

* If an electric bicycle exceeds these limitations in any way it becomes

classed as a motorcycle with DVLC registration, vehicle excise licenses,

motor insurance and an appropriate users license all legally required

for use on public roads.

* Riders must be fourteen years or over.

* Once purchased the only regular cost for running the bike is the cost of

the electricity required to recharge the battery (0.75kw for a full charge,

typically less than 5p).

* Range from a fully charged battery is approximately 20 miles without

pedalling on all two wheel models. The Euro-bike has a range of over 30

miles in power assist mode.

* If you require a photo opportunity, we can arrange for people on

Powabyke’s to pose outside petrol stations in most areas of the country!

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