Late yesterday afternoon the CTC press office press released the nation's media with a pro-bike message. Long on worthiness, the release offered little picture potential but every little bit of lobbying helps to get cycling in the media spotlight

No sex please, we’re the CTC

The CTC press release may not sizzle with sex appeal but it may make an end snippet in newspaper coverage of the best way to get around without the infernal combustion engine.

And it includes important facts to ram home the message, including the classic ’50 percent of all journeys are under two miles’.


No petrol? No problem!

Ever thought you couldnt do without the car?

Well, now is the time to find out by using a bike

on roads made empty by the fuel crisis.

Three quarters of all journeys in the UK are less

than five miles long and 50% are under two miles,

yet more often that not we jump in the car.

Cycling is also the quickest way to travel across

most towns and cities, is cheap, good for the

environment and for health and makes you a happier

worker! And you can save money too cycling costs

2.13p per mile, 25 times less than car travel.

CTC, the UKs national cycling organisation is

offering a free fact sheet on buying a bike. CTC

experts can also advise on what to wear, which

accessories to carry and what to take with you.

Information includes details of which cycle is

suited to the riding you are doing, how much to

spend and what to look for if buying second hand.

CTC spokesperson Cath Harris said: Cycling is

often the quickest and cheapest way to travel and

once you have your bike you need little else. It

improves your fitness and is fun at the same


Cycling is also far safer than people imagine. In

York, which as a cycle-friendly infrastructure,

cycling has increased by 16 per cent while cycle

casualties have dropped by ten per cent in the

last 20 years.

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