Halfords is thinking of taking a radio advertising campaign telling stranded motorists to go by bike instead. You could steal a march on the big boys by doing a bit of proactive PR or paying for ads right now (they can be surprisingly cheap)

Rave about riding on the radio

To fight through the clutter of local media in a time of crisis is very hit and miss. Your story might get in, it might not.

Even brilliant ideas which the media say theyll cover can fall by the wayside if a big news story breaks and all the journos are called away.

The only way to guarantee coverage is to pay for it. And the cheapest and probably the most effective medium for that right now is radio. Motorists are tuning in to the local radio stations to tell them where any fuel can be found.

Youve got a captive, and perhaps unusually receptive, audience.

But producing an ad is costly and time-consuming. Denton Design rang us this morning to tell us about their service. Theyve got three existing ad scripts talking about getting bikes for the current fuel crisis. You dont pay them a penny, they make a commission from the radio station. Copy writing like this normally costs about £200.

A short advert next to the news or traffic can cost just £15 each depending on the popularity and reach of the station. Radio stations normally charge about £150 for recording a single voice advert.

According to John Styles of Denton Design & Marketing (he used to work for Pashleys thats how he knew to ring BikeBiz) they can could get your shop on your local radio station within just four hours!

Call John Styles on 01273 730182 or Nic Snow on 01825 766200


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