Perth, Australia's award winning and patent pending devices to be available through the distributor

Raleigh signs Cycliq HD camera & light brand

HD camera and light combo brand Cycliq has revealed a new and exclusive distribution partnership for the UK with Raleigh.

Stock of its award winning FLY6 rear facing HD camera and light is available now. Soon to be released is the front facing full HD camera and 400 lumen light, FLY12, which will be available in Q1.

“Cycliq are super excited to be working with Raleigh to bring our safety and action cameras to bike stores across the UK,” said Andrew Hagen, Cycliq CEO.

Hagen added: “Now the UCI management committee has signed off on Article 1.3.024, authorising "the use of onboard cameras without the need for teams and organisers to request permission from the UCI” we will see more and more footage from UCI events around the world to excite the fans. Having the only camera that is designed specifically for cycling with over 6 hours of battery life means that Cycliq has the only cycling camera that can record a whole leg of a major tour. This is very exciting and we are already getting requests to use our products in UCI sanctioned events.

"Having attended the TDF in Yorkshire last year, we saw the intense passion for cycling in the UK and hope our products can bring a level of safety and enjoyment to cyclists at all levels."

Cycliq brand manager Paul Cooke added: “The opportunity to work with such an amazing company is very exciting for us, the FLY6 is a fantastic product and one that changed the way we look at cameras on bikes. The new FLY12 will be pushing the envelope further with even more innovative and unique features.”

Cycliq is based In Perth, Australia. Its products have won awards and the designs are patent pending.

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