Oneway Distribution to display a big catalogue of product over two stands

Scope, Syntace, SQ Lab and Liteville heading for the Bike Place

Oneway Distribution’s stand at the Bike Place will be chock full of product from SQlab, Scope, Syntace and Liteville, on stands 23F and 23D.

Scope’s three full carbon clinchers will be among the highlights. The advanced full carbon clincher rims are mainly built up from unidirectional (UD) carbon providing stiffness and vibration damping while the nipple sections and tyre bed are made out of 3K-carbon offering robustness, where needed. The braking surface of the rim can handle a leading braking power of 1.300W without causing heat-related issues.

Exclusive brand Liteville will be at the event too, showing off its well established 301 frame, as well as the 101 and 601 frame, all coming fully equipped with Syntace components.

Stand visitors will also be welcome to have a sit bone measurement performed by the brand’s expert staff, which results in reliable product advice for the SQlab ergonomic range, designed to prevent injury and inconvenience under the head of urologist and extreme biker Stefan Staudte.

Team OWD will be on hand for the duration of the show, running January 31 until February 2nd at Silverstone.

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