Not in the right aerodynamic position? Lazer has a sensor for that

Lazer’s innovative inclination sensor is now in stock

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard a fair bit about Lazer’s unique inclination sensor, but the cunning device is now in stock with distributor Madison and available to order.

The pioneering bit of kit can now be stocked in the UK and Ireland. It helps riders achieve the ultimate aerodynamic position when on the bike. Pitched particularly at time-trial riders, triathletes and track cyclists, the inclination sensor detects when the head is in the optimum aerodynamic position and alerts riders when they move too far from it – ideal from when fatigue sets in during a long ride.

The sensor is in a small black box (main pic), which attaches to the inside rear of a helmet. It can also be personalised to vibrate or make a beeping noise at high or low levels, depending on personal preferences. Riders can even set the margin of error around the optimum position, to allow for a greater degree of head movement, depending on how accurate riders need to be.

“We are extremely excited about the potential of the inclination sensor for helping professional and amateur riders alike to really improve performance," enthused Oliver Collins, Lazer brand manager at Madison. "On longer rides, fatigue can become a major factor with riders getting tired and relenting to a poorer body position. This completely unique product acts as a valuable prompt to riders to maintain aerodynamic position and as a result, improve overall performance.”

Currently, the inclination sensor is compatible with the Lazer Wasp Air and Tardiz helmets, with a goal to be rolled out to a wide variety of Lazer helmets. It is lightweight at 36 grams and has a 6-8 hour battery life.

Lazer Inclination Sensor : Installation from Madison on Vimeo.

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