A survey by Sustrans has found that a Grantham cycle route, part of Sustrans' National Cycle Network, is succeeding in encouraging greater urban cycle usage. And visitor research on a route in County Durham - opened by PM Tony Blair - shows that recreational use of bicycles can soar, when routes are provided.

Provision leads to use

2935 users of a shared-use path that connects Gonerby Hill Foot to the centre of Grantham were counted over a 48 hour period in June and August this year.

The survey was carried out over four 12-hour periods. It was found that 30 percent of the users were cyclists and 68 percent were pedestrians.

Some of the users were interviewed and it was found that 69 percent of those interviewed were using the route for routine journeys, the remainder for recreation or leisure.

65 percent said they could have used a car for their journey, but chose not to.

Of the cyclists, 9 percent said they were new to cycling. 29 percent said they are now cycling more than they were a year ago. 35 percent said they planned to cycle more in the future.

Research in the Prime Minister’s constituency of Sedgefield has found that a rural cycle route is encouraging more people to exercise more often

the route runs between Station Town and Wynyard village and was opened in 2001 by Tony Blair.

A Sustrans survey, conducted during August and September this year, found that of the 295 users over a 48 hour period, 43 percent were cyclists and 57 percent were pedestrians. The survey included interviews with 83 people and found that the majority of the trips (95 percent) were being made for recreational purposes.

62 percent of the respondents said that the presence of the route helps them to increase the amount of exercise they take.

Of the cyclists, 21 percent were new to cycling, or starting to cycle again. 68 percent of the cyclists said they intend to cycle more in the future.


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