ProTaper has added new handlebars to its range

ProTaper releases new A25, carbon and Hyperlite MTB handlebars 

Iconic mountain bike brand ProTaper has released a selection of new handlebars for the MTB market, including a limited edition colourway, and some lightweight products.

Limited colourway

The first new product is the A25 handlebars in a limited quantity gold colourway.

ProTaper first launched hold handlebars in 1997 on Leigh Donovan’s world champion bike, very quickly becoming a famed colour for the brand. 

The brand has now brought the gold colour to the A25, 25mm rise handlebars.

ProTaper said these are available in very limited quantities and stock is not expected to last long.

Carbon bars 

Also new from ProTaper are the lightweight PT C12 and PT C25 carbon bars, designed for the roughest terrain.

These new bars feature plastic foam lamination manufacturing, that makes the whole manufacturing process more streamlined. This helps ProTaper create a 15% lighter handlebar, while maintaining strength. 

ProTaper designed these bars for the downhill, enduro, and all mountain disciplines.

XC Hyperlite 

The brand has also released new XC Hyperlite bars, the ultra lightweight option for cross country riding. 

Designed for World Cup level competition, the XC Hyperlites aim to be reliable and precise but without adding unnecessary weight to the bike. 

These bars weigh just 125g, making them amongst the lightest carbon handlebars available on the market.  


ProTaper also offers a range aimed a junior riders, the J-Unit products, which are purpose-designed products to suit younger riders. 

ProTaper said: “The tool of the cyclist’s trade is the bike and the young cyclist has been, for far too long, obligated to  ride  with  bikes  and  componentry  designed around an adult rider. Putting young riders atop bikes and componentry developed around a more mature rider with very different weight and size potentially   creates   an   obstacle   to   enjoyment   and  even  represents  a  variety  of  safety  issues.

“Recognizing this  extreme  void  in  the  market,  ProTaper  set out  to  develop  a  complete  range  of  solutions aimed at creating the safest, most enjoyable and performance-oriented  rider  experience  for  the specific needs of a youth rider. The J-Unit project started  by identifying  the  ideal  grip  diameters  for  the  hands  of  younger  riders  and  developing both  grips  and  bars  around  this  specific  data.”

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The J-Unit bars are available in 12.7mm or 25.4mm rise, and the grips come in 23mm and 28mm outside diameters. 

ProTaper is distributed in the UK by Hotlines UK. The A12, A25, A50 and A76 handlebars will all retail for £89.99. C12 & 25 carbon handlebars will be £159.99

ProTaper MTB handlebar specs:



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