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Product news: BBB unveils SignalBrake, Cyclon launches Belt Spray

BBB has launched a new bike light called SignalBrake.

As the name suggests, it lights up when it detects a deceleration. It retails at £36.95 and can be ordered on distributor Windwave’s B2B website or via your local sales manager.

“Our SignalBrake Rear light is not just your normal everyday rear light,” said BBB. “It has some very clever features that you probably haven’t seen in other lights before. The special brake function g-system senses you slowing down to emit some extra light to function as a brake light.

“The light goes on standby when it senses to stand still for three minutes so that you can never forget to turn off your light. This and many other great features are packed into this special Signal rear light to make sure you are always safe in the dark!”

– The g-sensor activates the 50-lumen brake light when it detects a deceleration
– The light automatically goes to standby mode when the bike stands still for three minutes
– Runtime Safety mode: extends runtime with at least four hours of flash
– Memory mode: the light goes on in the last used mode
– Strap mount fits on Ø 5 – 42 mm seatposts
– Self locking USB port for optimal waterproofness

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Cyclon has also introduced a new product for belt drive systems, in collaboration with e-bike trade specialists.

The Cyclon Belt Spray aims to prevent creaking and cracking while also reducing the wear of parts in the drivetrain. It is available in 100ml for consumers and in a workshop 500ml aerosol.

The Belt Spray conditions the belt, giving it a water and dirt-repellent layer together with improved grip, which keeps the belt running smoothly and enables better power transfer.

Cyclon is exclusively distributed in the UK by The Cycle Division.

All Cyclon premium bicycle care products are developed in close collaboration with professional mechanics, riders and cyclists of all levels.

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