Pirelli releases Cinturato Velo road tyre

Pirelli has confirmed the release of the new tubeless-ready Cinturato Velo road tyre.

The Cinturato Velo is a reinforced tyre that can be ridden either with or without an inner tube. The new model is intended for uses including on-road racing, training sessions and riding on light gravel paths.

In the new tyre, Pirelli’s patented SmartNet Silica compound has been further strengthened by the presence of aramid fibres in different concentrations. Known for their high tensile strength and low specific weight, these fibres ensure improved cut-through and impact resistance.

The fibres get thicker from the outermost layer of the tread to the layers underneath. The first layer of the compound ensures the tyre’s performance in terms of grip, rolling resistance and mileage, but does hold on to pebbles or granules, which, as the wheel turns, may penetrate through the carcass and cause punctures. The next layer is populated with a greater quantity of aramid fibrils to improve its structural characteristics and at the same time ensure puncture resistance.

When a sharp object tries to perforate the compound layers, the density of aramid fibres around the entry point increases, making for enhanced resistance to penetration. As a result, the foreign body cannot go through the warp and weft of the inner puncture protection layers.

Cinturato Velo comes in a wide range of widths.

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