‘Roll cage-inspired’ bike bag comes to market

Norwegian brand Douchebags has unveiled a new ‘one size fits all’ bike bag called The Savage.

Inspired by roll-cage technology used in racing cars, The Savage is designed to offer protection for mountain and road bikes in transit, while allowing users to compress the bag down to just one-third of its full size for easy storage.

The patented Db Roll Cage works as a support structure for the tough fabric walls of the bag and creates a strong framework by applying tension to the fabric – “much like a drum skin”. The tensile fabric structure helps the bag maintain its shape and protects the contents by creating a distance between the bike and the walls.

Two-time Downhill World Champion and multiple World Cup winner Gee Atherton commented on the new release: “The difference between travelling and travelling well is efficiency. With so many travel days on my schedule, I want it to be a smooth operation. Good quality, lightweight bags make all the difference.”

Douchebags has also partnered with the Global Mountain Bike Network, whose presenters will use the bags on overseas trips. 

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