Peaty’s adds LinkLube Dry to product range

Peaty’s has added the new LinkLube Dry to its product range.

LinkLube Dry is a readily biodegradable wax-based chain lube for use in desert dry and dusty to mildly moist conditions. The unique formula uses a blend of waxes suspended in a water-based emulsion to give a “long-lasting, clean-running, quiet” chain.

“LinkLube All Weather is our one-stop chain lube for most weather conditions, but while the base carrier fluid we use has fast penetrating, chain cleaning properties, it will never become fully dry to the touch,” said a statement. “This can lead to unwanted dust attraction in the driest, dustiest conditions so a more bespoke dry lube was required.”

According to the brand, wax is the best lubricant for dry conditions because, when applied correctly, it will fill links and rollers with a hard, slippery coating which will last on the trails and is dry to the touch.

LinkLube Dry will be available from all participating stores imminently.

Peaty’s is distributed in the UK by Saddleback, joining its brand portfolio early last year.

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