Cycle England may be formed but could be unfunded

On 31st January the government-appointed National Cycling Strategy Board ceases to exist. BA president and NCSB chair Phillip Darnton wants two new bodies to take over where NCSB left off: a policy and strategy body, and an executive body modelled on Cycle Scotland. But, at a meeting last week, civil servants said their government departments would not be able to find £70m to pay for the funding of these bodies in advance of the expected general election.

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French doping probe against Lance makes global news

It started at lunchtime after a report filed by AFP, the French news agency. A Turkish newspaper was the first to translate the French-language report into English and then it was all over the wires and on news websites across the world. And all because of the Walsh/Ballester book, 'L.A.' Confidentiel'.

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Fisher to demo Trelock key cutter at Brum show

The Fisher House Show starts Friday. As well as Rock Shox tech seminars and a bunch of product unveilings, the show will be the first chance for dealers to see the Trelock key cutting machine that will soon be installed at the Fisher HQ. IBDs will be able to charge customers for key replacements, shipped quickly from St Albans.

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